2017 Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) Symposium

10June 2017
18 Victorians participated in the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) and they presented their projects at the NRP Symposium on 4th April 2017. They have done us proud and achieved 5 Gold Awards, 11 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze award.
Congratulations to all students and teacher mentors!
Name Class Award Teacher mentor
YAN Yuzhou 16S49 Gold Lim Cher Chuan
Bao Rong 16S42 Gold Tan Wee Yong
Meng Siong Chen 16S42 Gold Tan Wee Yong
Zhao Yi Yang 16S45 Gold Lau Wee Hua
HU XING YI 16S55 Gold Julius Chan
Chen Yiwei 16S64 Silver Meenachi
Liu Shu Han 16S45 Silver Meenachi
Zhu Bingjie 16S47 Silver Goh Ker Liang
Ng Ze Xuan 16S45 Silver Ang Hwee Luan
Liu Siye 16S49 Silver Teoh Hock Meng
Alanna Wong Qi Yin 16S43 Silver Wu Jiang
Dai Zhuxuan 16S38 Silver June Tan
Tan Zhi En 16S64 Silver June Tan
Du Nairong 16S41 Silver Goh Ker Liang
WANG Mengzhe 16S46 Silver Goh Ker Liang
Cao Minh Huy 16S30 Silver Wong Shiong Wei
LIM Xi Hui Euodia 16S33 Bronze Lim Siew Mee
Darelyn Lim Qi Xuan 16S47 Participation Lim Cher Chuan
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