Live like a Victorian

Living like a Victorian

Life in VJC is more than just grades and accolades. It’s about becoming part of a bigger family, working hard and playing harder. We exult in one another’s triumphs, comfort one another in times of uncertainty, and cheer like mad for one another’s achievements. 

All year round, the college sizzles with activities. We’re a college that stretches our students’ potential, yet allow them to have fun along the way. In particular, we challenge students to dig deep and get their hands dirty engaging with real-world issues, both locally and overseas.

Who’s got spirit? We have.

Being Victorian is about becoming part of a bigger fraternity and a broader shared experience. Co-curricular activities (CCAs) are integral to a balanced and holistic learning experience. Here in VJC, we provide students with exciting opportunities for character building and nurture life skills and attributes such as leadership, teamwork and empathy. At the same time, students can pursue their interests and pick up specific skills, forge strong bonds and of course have a great deal of fun!

Categories of CCAs that we offer:

Whether to deepen a passion or find a new hobby there is definitely a club that suits your fancy. With many an award-winner amongst its members, our clubs and societies provide Victorians with myriad ways and means to extend their knowledge on global issues, the latest technological trends or medical breakthroughs.

At its heart, our performing arts CCAs offer Victorians an avenue to express themselves and stage their talents in various concerts and events throughout the year. VJC’s talent is rich and diverse with Victorians performing on internationally-renowned stages both locally and overseas.

If Performing Arts is the heart of VJC, then Sports is its soul. One of the most exciting times of any given year falls during sports season. Many of our teams have a legacy of victory, ensuring that Victorians carry it on game after game, season after season. Always fired-up, Victorians play with passion and pride that comes naturally to them.

Our college places a strong emphasis on character development as we believe that it is an important part of holistic development. Our various character development programmes provide platforms for students to be strengthened in R3ICH (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony) values at the core of the 21CCs, and allow them to develop social and emotional competencies.


The 8P Character Development Programme is part of the college’s overall holistic development programme. It comprises:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Active Citizenry 
  3. Beyond Borders
  4. Civics & Life skills
  5. Co-curricular Activities
  6. Higher Education
  7. Scholarships & Career Guidance
  8. Student Leadership

At VJC, we believe that leadership is about making choices to positively influence others. All Victorians have the potential to be leaders and have the capacity to bring about change for the betterment of others.  Indeed, our Victorian leaders strive beyond personal growth and fulfilment – they work towards creating a vibrant Victorian community and keeping our Victorian spirit alive.

Leadership Framework

At VJC, leadership development is opportunities can be found in the following domains:

Personal Leadership

Taking ownership of your own growth and development based on keen self-knowledge and sound values.

Community Leadership

Having the dispositions and social skills of influence to lead others and manage relationships effectively.

Thought Leadership

Having the critical and inventive thinking to set strategic direction and break new ground in order to engender positive change.

Leadership Opportunities

At VJC, leadership development is opportunities can be found in the following domains:

Students’ Council

Student Councillors are at the forefront of service and leadership among the student body, and serve the college and community in various ways. They carry out initiatives to better student life, organise collegewide activities, and keep the Victorian spirit at a constant high. The Student Councillor’s journey is one that is challenging, yet extremely fulfilling.

CCA Leaders

Our CCA leaders also play a big part in enhancing student life. They not only forge meaningful networks with their peers but also learn how to overcome challenges, craft creative solutions, and undertake decisions that will shape the experiences of the college community.

Class Leaders

At the heart of all interactions in the College is the classroom, and class leaders play a very important role in promoting a dynamic and caring class culture. Students step forward readily to perform the role of class, subject, or Active Citizenry representatives to complete the Victorian experience.

Other opportunities

At VJC, we believe in experiential learning in developing leaders. Many opportunities are created for Victorians to develop themselves. These include the FACES during Open House, Orientation Group Leaders, as well as the Peer Support Leaders. Students also lead in various projects, be these self-initiated, class or college-wide projects.

VJC organises an annual Leadership Week which comprises a series of talks and activities to help students gain a more holistic understanding of leadership. We also believe in encouraging students to share their leadership experiences and insights with their peers through Personal Voice sharings at assemblies.