Clubs and Societies

Victorians are fascinated with and curious about many aspects of our complex world. As such, many clubs and societies cater to the plethora of interests. Whether to deepen a passion or find a new hobby there is definitely a CCA that suits our students' fancy.  Our clubs and societies provide Victorians with myriad ways and means to extend their knowledge on global issues, the latest technological trends or medical breakthroughs. Various fields of science and research are investigated while hearts and minds are fulfilled via volunteerism and helping the needy. Worthy causes are fought for and cultures explored via food, attire and dance, all while developing sound leadership and organisational skills. Come delve into another world where VJC’s clubs and societies will capture your imagination and help you cultivate your interests.

VJC is also host to a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG) such as the Pets & Animals Welfare Society, the Japanese Society and the Singapore Youth Flying Club which organise their activities autonomously.

Art Club
Astronomy Club
Chinese Society
Earth Watch
Indian Cultural Society
Interact Club
Malay Cultural Society
Mathematics Society
Medical Society
Outdoor Activities Club
PA Crew
Photographic Society
Robotics & Makers Club
Science Society
Strategic Games Club
Student Interest Groups (SIG)
Students' Council
Studio V
Writers’ Circle

In addition, students who are elected will be able to take up Students' Council as a CCA