Civics at VJC aims to equip our students with the skills to navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence and also to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. It strives to help students develop  a strong set of values, an entire suite of intra-personal and inter-personal skills centred around 21st century competencies, as well as mapping out their future through a structured and comprehensive programme of higher education and career guidance.



Connect 2 sessions are scheduled meetings where the Civics Tutor will meet students in their CT group for one-to-one meetings throughout the course of the year. By structuring such sessions with our students, we emphasise to students that they are important to us, and that we care about them and their needs.

Possible discussion topics for Connect 2

  • Student’s General Well Being: academic, family, social
  • Goals & Targets: academic and non-academic 
  • Potential: mentoring them to be the best they can be
  • Values


At VJC, Civics lessons are time-tabled curriculum time for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons. It aims to promote dialogue through a wide range of discussion topics.


Feeling Fab is a day of fun, learning and enjoyment organised by the Civics Committee for JC1 students. Students get to select from a range of activities and participate in the activity of their choice as a class. This is an excellent opportunity for class bonding. Feeling Fab provides an avenue where the school supports and encourages them to go beyond their zone of experience and try things they normally would not do.


Sexuality Education is delivered in a holistic manner through the school curriculum. The content for Sexuality Education is grouped into five main themes: Human Development, Interpersonal Relationships, Sexual Health, Sexual Behaviour, and Culture, Society and Law

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