Beyond Borders

At Victoria, we do not believe in staying within our comfort zones. The Beyond Borders programme cuts across academic, co-curricular, service and leadership domains in providing Victorians with the exposure, experience and perspective to be future-ready global citizens.  Every year, students embark on learning trips to places far and wide like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan. These trips not only provide an opportunity for greater self-discovery and growth, but also allow Victorians to appreciate multiple cultures and perspectives, inspiring them to drive human progress and be ambassadors for harmonious co-existence. 

For those keen to serve beyond our shores, the College organises Overseas Values-in-Action (OVIA) trips to the region. Our Students’ Council and Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC) have ventured to countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia and Nepal to serve the needs of various communities. In addition, the Active Citizenry Committee also plans OVIA trips for the general student population.

Learning Journeys & Cultural Immersion

Humanities Scholars Programme
Hiroshima & Kyoto, Japan

Humanities Scholars Programme
Hiroshima & Kyoto, Japan

Suzhou Learning Journey-2

Learning Journey to China
Suzhou & Shanghai, China

Hangzhou Learning Journey-2

Learning Journey to China
Hangzhou & Shanghai, China

Regional Studies Programme-2

Regional Studies Programme
Bandung, Indonesia

CCA Learning Journeys

Astronomy Field Trip-2

Astronomy Field Trip
Mersing, Malaysia

Hockey Trip-2

Hockey Exchange Trip
Penang, Malaysia

ODAC Taiwan-2

ODAC Expedition
Taichung, Taiwan

Volleyball Trip-2

Volleyball Exchange Trip
Bangkok, Thailand

Overseas Values-in-action

Overseas VIA-2

Overseas VIA
Kampung Cham, Cambodia

Students' Council OVIA

Students’ Council OVIA
Siem Reap, Cambodia