Principal's Welcome

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Principal’s Message

Victoria is something more
The school that watch’d us grow

These lines in the college anthem have always resonated with me, as Victoria Junior College is the school that watched me grow as an educator. I began here as a young teacher and am now VJC’s fourth principal, following in the footsteps of my distinguished predecessors and the pioneering staff of our college. It is here, in this college by the sea, that generations of Victorians have been nurtured and cared for, stretched and moulded, by teachers who, like them, are a part of the family. Founded in 1984, VJC celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2019 and the year-long celebration saw many alumni return home to walk together, share a meal or simply to shoot the breeze and relive good old times. VJC is our home, one that will always keep its gates open and hold Victorians and visitors in a warm welcome.

If there is one phrase you will hear time and again in VJC, it is that we ‘work hard and play hard’. This line captures the ethos of the College, of living life to the fullest and of committing totally to everything that we do. Victorians excel in the classroom and outperform in the field, and go on to make their mark in society, from the arts and sports arenas to the academic, business, and public sectors. VJC will continue to equip our students with a holistic education that develops them into future-ready learners who are committed to excellence. Our character development and student leadership programmes cultivate Victorians to be leaders who serve the community with passion and purpose, and our total curriculum is designed and deliberately carried out by a reflective and engaged staff who are role models for our students.

Here in VJC, individual triumphs are also collective victories, and we have many stakeholders who have been steadfast in supporting our programmes and achievements. VJC has strengthened synergistic partnerships with our parents, alumni, Victoria-Cedar Alliance partner schools, institutions of higher learning, industry players, government agencies and community organisations, amongst others, to provide plentiful opportunities for Victorians to extend their learning beyond the College. My thanks go to the Victoria Advisory Committee, the Old Victorians’ Association, the Parents Support Group, alumni, parents, friends and well-wishers of VJC for their continued support.

To all Victorians and prospective students, I hope you will embrace our College vision to LiVE like a Victorian, as one who possesses that Legendary Victorian spirit, becomes a Visionary leader, and renders Extraordinary service to the community around you. Together, we will strive towards excellence, for the betterment of the College, of our country, and of the world around us.

Nil Sine Labore!

Miss Ek Soo Ben
Principal, Victoria Junior College