Principal's Welcome


Principal’s Message

Victoria is something more
The school that watch’d us grow

These lines in the college anthem have always seemed enigmatic. What is the ‘something more’ that VJC promises?  What is that ‘extra ingredient’ that makes our school so special?

For me, camaraderie lies at the heart of our Victorian spirit. I started my journey as an educator here in VJC and when I left for other pursuits, it was the camaraderie with colleagues and students that I missed dearly. Now, as I return as the college’s principal, I can again feel the intensity of the fellowship and warmth of this community. Because Victoria is something more.

Here, in this caring and nurturing environment, we aim to develop Victorians who are committed to all-round excellence, yet deeply anchored in values and guided by integrity. Our carefully designed total curriculum also empowers Victorians to lead with conviction and serve with empathy, so that they become active contributors to the college and community, and social innovators for their chosen causes. But these endeavours are built upon the tight networks of support Victorians have developed with one another, through shared experiences and collective effort. Everything we do, we do as a community. Every failure we have, we own as a community. Every victory we encounter, we share as a community. Because Victoria is something more.

In the classrooms, in the laboratories, at the studios, out in the field, on the stage,  behind the scenes … essentially, everywhere … our community of staff are ever-present and always steadfast in their commitment to the holistic development of Victorians. They are reflective practitioners who evaluate their programmes critically, yet they also scan the landscape frequently to keep pace with the forever changing and volatile environment, so as to design and deliver robust and relevant learning experiences for our students. Why? Because Victoria is something more.

We are grateful for the solid and synergistic partnerships with our parents, alumni, the Victoria-Cedar Alliance partner schools, institutions of higher learning, industry players, government agencies and community organisations, amongst others, as they have provided plentiful opportunities for Victorians to extend their learning beyond the College. My thanks go to the Victoria Advisory Committee, the Old Victorians’ Association, the Parents Support Group, alumni, parents, friends and well-wishers of VJC for their continued support. They have helped to make Victoria something more.

To all Victorians and prospective students, I hope you will come to realise, on your own terms, from your vantage point, based on your authentic lived experiences, why Victoria is truly something more.

Nil Sine Labore!

Mr Jeffrey Low
Principal, Victoria Junior College