We are delighted to announce that Siow Mein Yeak, Yue, from the class of 17S44, has been awarded the President’s Scholarship, the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship given out by the Public Service Commission (PSC). He is VJC’s fifth President’s Scholar and the first from the Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme. 

Mein Yeak’s leadership qualities were already evident in Victoria School where he was Chairperson of the English Drama Club. He also represented VS at various academic competitions and conferences, both locally and internationally. Notably, he was part of a team of students which represented the school at the 2015 World Scholar’s Cup, a global academic tournament with students participating from over 82 countries, and clinched the eighth place in the Collaborative Writing event.

In VJC, he continued on his journey of growth and personal development. A member of the Executive Committee of iGlobe, the global affairs society in VJC, he served as Chief Editor of ‘Kaleidoscope’, an annual publication of excellent essays on global and local issues by students in VJC. He also took the initiative to come up with a weekly online newsletter on current affairs for iGlobe members, which he curated. Mein Yeak’s strong organisational skills were most apparent during Singapore Model Cabinet 2018, a conference run by iGlobe in partnership with People’s Association. As the Liaison Officer of the Secretariat, he handled communications with approximately 300 participants with his customary warmth and professionalism. Despite his busy schedule, he found the time to serve as an Orientation Group Leader and to volunteer in support of various causes, including helping children with special needs appreciate nature. For his achievements and outstanding academic results, he was awarded both the MOE Pre-University Scholarship and VJC Scholarship.

On why he decided to apply for a PSC Scholarship, Mein Yeak has this to say: “I realised that serving a cause greater than myself and doing my part for Singapore was what I wanted to do in life, and I believe that a career in public service is where I can do that.”

Mein Yeak will be reading Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. To him, the study of engineering will help him think critically about issues and make him adopt a problem-solving mindset. It will also help him develop a keener sense of empathy for others as he will have to work with various stakeholders to create a product or solution which is actually useful to them.

Mein Yeak has this to share with all Victorians: “Enjoy your time in JC, and open your hearts to new people and new experiences. Hopefully, you will find what you want to do in life that aligns with your own values. Once a Victorian, always a Victorian.”

Our heartiest congratulations to Mein Yeak and his family! We are proud of you for keeping our flag unfurled!