2013 Achievements


The 2011 cohort of Victorians have done exceedingly well for the 2012 A-Level Examinations.

Overall Performance

  • About 1 in 2 Victorians scored at least 3 distinctions in H2 content-based subjects.
  • At least 1 in 3 Victorians achieved at least 87.5 *University Admission Points, with 61 students attaining perfect points of 90.
  • 47 students attained at least 7 distinctions.
  • 99.3% of Victorians achieved a Pass for General Paper, maintaining our record-breaking results.
  • Our JC2 students have also done us proud, by attaining 26.5% Distinctions for Mother Tongue Languages.

Analysis by Subjects

  • 22 subjects achieved 100% passes.
  • The H2 subjects with 100% passes are Art, China Studies in English, China Studies in Chinese, Geography, History, Knowledge and Inquiry, Literature, Physics, Tamil Language and Literature, and Theatre Studies and Drama.
  • The H1 subjects with 100% passes are Bengali, Biology, China Studies in English, Geography, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Literature, Mathematics, Punjabi and Tamil.
  • 10 H3 subjects achieved 100% passes and the H3 subjects that achieved 100% Distinctions and Merit are Game Theory and Competition, Geography, History, Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Proteomics and Science Research.

*The University Admission Score is computed based on a maximum score of 90 points, and takes into account General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry, Project Work, 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects.

Brenda Ting (Selected)-1
Brenda Ting
Grace through pain : Ting Peiwen Brenda endured intermittent fever, abdominal pain, nausea and giddiness the entire time she was sitting for the A-Level Examinations at the end of 2012. Her strength of character pulled her through to success, proving that impossible is nothing.Read about how Brenda overcame all odds.
Aneirin Flynn(Selected)-1
Aneirin Flynn
Citizen of the Artistic World : Aneirin Flynn revelled in art as a child, inspired by the oil paintings of outer space his father painted in his free time. “I’ve always had a knack for drawing and I love nature. Beachcombing and looking at shells inspires me,” says Aneirin.Read more about this artist’s journey.
Clarissa Leong (Right) (selected)-1
Clarissa Leong (right)
Being a sport in the grassroots : Leong Wei Shan Clarissa brought her Floorball team to glory, both in their academics and Floorball competitions. Extremely well-liked by her school mates, she yearns to serve the community through multiple grassroots platforms, and embodies visionary leadership through her acts.Read more about Clarissa’s adventures.
Lim Zhen Ting (selected)-1
Lim Zhen Ting
An entrepreneur of the community : Lim Zhen Ting personifies the Victorian spirit through her multiple initiatives at nurturing leadership, and inculcating a sense of community among the student body. She wishes to set up a stationery line with study aids to help students organize their time more effectively in the future.Read more about Zhen Ting’s spirit in Victoria.
Azmi Sultan Sikander Rahman (selected) (2)-1
Azmi Sultan Sikander Rahman
A Scientific way of giving back : While some students are born leaders, others grow as they begin to find their vision for the world. Azmi Sultan Sikander Rahman has developed into a visionary leader in the field of Science, and is constantly looking for new ways to give back to society through this passion of his.Read more about Azmi’s experiences.
Irene Cyrena (Top Row, Third from Left) (Selected)-1
Irene Cyrena (top row, third from left)
Life-long Learning : Irene Cyrena is an intelligent young lady who demonstrates sincere concern towards others and a true passion for learning. She involved herself in a range of activities on top of her academics, from community service to sports and internships, exemplifying legendary spirit.Read about Irene’s drive for success.
Chloe Chan Xiaoyun (Left) (Selected)-1
Chloe Chan (left)
The art of giving : Chloe Chan Xiaoyun epitomised the spirit of extraordinary service through her countless acts of volunteering at organizations such as St. Andrew’s Community Hospital, National Kidney Foundation and Kampong Kembangan Community Centre Youth Executive Committee.Read about Chloe’s admirable service to society.
Muhammad Amirul Haqim B G (Selected)-1
Muhammad Amirul Haqim B G
The Complete Package : Muhammad Amirul Haqim B G was an excellent all-rounded pupil, capable of balancing his rigorous academic workload with the high demands of his Hockey Co-Curricular Activity. He has relentless commitment and strives for excellence in every aspect of his life.Read more about Amirul’s endeavours.

VJC celebrated its 29th College Day on 27th of July 2013. The theme for this year’s College Day was a’LiVE, symbolizing Legendary Spirit, Visionary Leadership, and Extraordinary Service, which is the college’s vision for students to LiVE like a Victorian. It was a happy day where we celebrated the achievements of our students, and everyone who supported the Victorian family every step of the way. We were also honoured to have Maj-Gen (NS) Ng Chee Khern, Director of the Security & Intelligence Division, to grace the event as our Guest of Honour. He gave an extremely inspiring speech that reached out to everyone in the audience. Read his speechHere.

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