2016 Achievements


The class of 2014 has done exceedingly well in the 2015 G.C.E. “A” Level Examinations.


A total of 790 students sat for the Examinations last year and posted outstanding results.
1 in 2 students scored at least 3 H2 distinctions, with 192 scoring at least 6 distinctions and 71 students scoring at least 7 distinctions.


Congratulations to all of them!
Many Victorians achieved excellent performance not only in their academics, but holistically in their Co-Curricular Activities, leadership, and service as well.


In particular, these students embody the all-rounded spirit that VJC hopes to inculcate in all Victorians:


Seow Wei Liang, 14A11

An exceptionally driven and aspirational young man, Wei Liang packed his student life with a plethora of activities.

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Seow Hui Yi Victoria, 14A12

As President of the 32nd Student’s Council, Victoria was a leader of leaders.

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Lynette Lim Enxuan, 14S32

Lynette is an inspirational Victorian who showed determination and drive in pursuing her personal passion, as well as in contributing to the success of her peers.

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Mohamed Hasif B Abdul Hakim, 14S42

A student from the last cohort of the Victoria Integrated Programme (VIP), Hasif thoroughly immersed himself in the VIP experience.

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Bharat Punjabi, 14S52

President, compere and champion – these are just some of the hats that Bharat Punjabi wore during his time in Victoria Junior College.

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Joshi Atharv Abhay, 14S55

Atharv is a bright young man to say the least. He has a fine passion for learning and does this with a desire that is hardly common.

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Yuri Kubo, 14S61

A warm, sincere and sensitive girl, Yuri was a student who loved challenges and who seized opportunities to stretch herself. .

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