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Congratulations to the class of 2015 for an outstanding showing at the 2016 G.C.E. ‘A’ Level Examinations!


A total of 744 students sat for the Examinations last year.

1 in 2 students scored at least 3 H2 distinctions, with 165 scoring at least 6 distinctions and 59 students scoring at least 7 distinctions.

All H1 and H2 content subjects, as well as all H3 subjects, had a 100% pass rate, with 10 H2 and 15 H1 subjects above national average for % distinctions.

Many Victorians achieved excellent performance not only in their academics, but holistically in their Co-Curricular Activities, leadership, and service as well. These students embody the College vision of ‘LiVE like a Victorian’, and we are very proud of them.



In particular, these students embody the all-rounded spirit that VJC hopes to inculcate in all Victorians:


Zhang Annina (15S48)

Pearlyn Final

Pearlyn Low Ling Hui (15A12)

Zhang Annina (15S48) & Pearlyn Low Ling Hui (15A12)

Service-Leadership – that is the philosophy of Annina and Pearlyn. Both were outstanding leaders in their own right, inspiring the people around them and leading by ..

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Timothy Yee Bing Lun (15S34)


 Soh Je Yeong (15S43)

Timothy Yee Bing Lun (15S34) & Soh Je Yeong (15S43)

Timothy Yee Bing Lun and Soh Je Yeong are both young men with a passion for science and service. During their time in VJC, they were able to deepen their interest in..

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Ahmad Taufiq Rohaimi (15S41)


Sherman Lim Jun Hong (15S48)

Ahmad Taufiq Rohaimi (15S41) & Sherman Lim Jun Hong (15S48)

Ahmad Taufiq Rohaimi and Sherman Lim Jun Hong were celebrated athletes in the College..

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Yi Hao 2

Phoon Yi Hao (15S32)

Benjamin 2Benjamin Choong Chen Ming (15S43)


Phoon Yi Hao (15S32) & Benjamin Choong Chen Ming (15S43)

As leaders in their respective fields, Phoon Yi Hao and Benjamin Choong Chen Ming were prominent personalities in the College.

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Adam Ahmad Samdin (15A14)


Abirami Ramesh (15S31)


Adam Ahmad Samdin (15A14) & Abirami Ramesh (15S31)

Abirami Ramesh and Adam Ahmad Samdin both have a deep love for the community. Driven and reflective young people, they dedicated much of their time to better understand….

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