2019 Achievements


Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on your excellent performance at the 2018 A-Level Examinations!


A total of 753 students sat for the Examinations last year.

1 in 2 students scored at least 3 H2 Distinctions, with 173 scoring at least 6 Distinctions and 55 students scoring at least 7 Distinctions.

86 Victorians attained the maximum University Admission Score of 90 Rank Points.

2 out of 5 students attained a University Admission Score of at least 87.5 Rank Points.


Many Victorians achieved excellent performance not only in their academics, but holistically in their Co-Curricular Activities, leadership, and service as well. These students embody the College vision of ‘LiVE like a Victorian’, and we are very proud of them.

In particular, these students embody the all-rounded spirit that VJC hopes to inculcate in all Victorians:

Tamara Claire Fernandez (17S34) and Siow Mein Yeak Yue (17S44)   

Zhou Zitong (17S55)


Siow Mein Yeak Yue (17S44) & Tamara Claire Fernandez (17S34) and Zhou Zitong (17S55)


When outstanding Victorians showcase their abilities in their CCAs and do exceptionally well in the A-levels, we certainly applaud and celebrate them for their achievements.


Siow Mein Yeak Yue (17S44)

With an interest in a wide variety of fields, Mein Yeak  is deeply passionate about gaining new knowledge. Apart from his excellent results, including a Distinction in Essentials of Modern Physics, a H3 subject, Mein Yeak is an excellent writer and conversationalist who impresses all with his depth and breadth of knowledge. A member of the Executive Committee of iGlobe, the global affairs society in VJC, he served as Chief Editor of ‘Kaleidoscope’, an annual publication of excellent essays on global and local issues by students in VJC. He also took the initiative to come up with a weekly online newsletter on current affairs for iGlobe members which he curated. Mein Yeak’s strong organisational skills were most apparent during Singapore Model Cabinet 2018, a conference run by iGlobe in partnership with People’s Association. As the Liaison Officer of the Secretariat, he handled communications with approximately 300 participants. These are but some of the hats that Mein Yeak wears, and it must be acknowledged that he does so with great aplomb. Mein Yeak was a recipient of the MOE Pre-U Scholarship and the VJC Scholarship.


Tamara Claire Fernandez (17S34)

As the Secretary of the Interact Club in VJC, Tamara  found a way to fulfill her love for science, people and the environment by immersing herself in all three areas. Tamara especially loves Biology and this spurred her on to volunteer with Wildlife Reserves Singapore during her holidays, where she was among the few conservation ambassadors. The message of conservation is one that is close to her heart. That is not all to her though. Tamara also devoted herself to community service and has a special place in her heart for the elderly who are in difficult situations. Always energetic and up for new experiences, Tamara joined the HDB Ambassadors Programme where she and her friends collected used jeans in order to start a denim upcycling project. Her joy in learning and love for others is clearly apparent; definitely an embodiment of a true Victorian. Tamara was a recipient of the MOE Pre-U Scholarship and the VCA Alumni Scholarship.


Zhou Zitong (17S55)

A talented guitarist who dazzles and charms on stage, no one would expect Zitong to have a hearing impairment. This charismatic young man was the Chairperson of the Victoria Junior College (VJC) Guitar Ensemble. He entered VJC via the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise in 2017, being offered a place in the college after impressing the audition panel with his stellar performance on the guitar. He was an executive committee member of a self-initiated volunteer group that helped raise funds and awareness for children with special needs. He was an accomplished student who offered 13 academic units, a special arrangement that required approval from the Ministry of Education. Besides offering four content subjects at Higher Two level, Zitong also offered Knowledge & Inquiry and a Higher Three Game Theory module offered by the Singapore Management University. With such a prolific list of achievements, Zitong has certainly come a long way and will undoubtedly go far.


Seng Yu Cheng (17S48) and Jonathan Ng (17S35)

Seng Yu Cheng (17S48) & Jonathan Ng (17S36)


As Victorians who excel in sports as well as academics, Yu Cheng and Jonathan exemplify the spirit of excellence and determination.


Seng Yu Cheng (17S48)

As the Captain of the Track and Field Team, Yu Cheng managed to marry both his passion for physics and sport in his novel approach to training his teammates. Drawing on what he had learnt from ‘The Journal of Biomechanics’, he designed a training programme that not only helped the team to improve on their speed, power and efficiency during training but also helped to prevent injuries. Another initiative that he spearheaded was the Victoria-Cedar Alliance (VCA) Track and Field Values-in-Action project to replace the traditional annual dinner. Yu Cheng was also a recipient of the VJC Scholarship in Appreciation of Mrs Lee Phui Mun, a testament to his academic and non-academic excellence.


Jonathan Ng (17S36)

As the Captain of the tennis team in VJC, Jonathan  was a well-respected leader who was steady and able to perform under pressure. Not only was he an excellent player who always remained composed and unfazed in the court, he was also a captain who supported his team wholeheartedly. As a result of his drive and determination, Jonathan managed to excel in his academics and is the recipient of multiple awards and scholarships which include SAF Young Leader Award (SYLA), SPF Book Prize, Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) and VJC Scholarship in Appreciation of Lee Phui Mun.


Tiffany Bifen Low (17S52) & Kevin Wong (17S52)

Tiffany Bifen Low (17S52) & Kevin Wong (17S52)


Having to overcome adversities and setbacks, Tiffany and Kevin are Victorians who are true inspiration to all of us.


Tiffany Bifen Low (17S52)

Tiffany was the Captain of the girls’ Soccer Team. Capitalizing on her experience in track and field, Tiffany’s athletic ability allowed her to pick up the skills needed to excel in a new sport quickly. A fiercely determined individual, she gave her all during each training session and pressed on even in the face of injury. Her dedication both to the sport and to the team, coupled with her skill, made her a natural choice for Captain. Tiffany was also able to read game situations well and was instrumental in guiding the team to a Championship title in the National Inter-School Soccer Championships 2018. Even though Tiffany went through the passing of her father during the ‘A’ level year, she managed to perform well for her examinations.


Kevin Wong (17S52)

Kevin was quick to pick up the role and demonstrated his leadership qualities as Captain of the College’s Soccer Team. Under his leadership, the team played well together and won the National Inter-School Football Championship in 2018.  Kevin was awarded the Man of the Match for his stellar performance during the Finals.  In recognition of his significant contributions, Kevin was among a select few conferred the VJC Sports Excellence Award in 2017. Kevin went through personal tragedy when his mother passed away during the A-Level examination period, yet with much grit, and with close support from family, teachers and friends, he achieved excellent results for his A-Levels.

Prasad Shubhangam Rajesh (17S64) , Tricia Chin Shan Min (17S31) & Park Jiwon (17S43)  



Tricia Chin Shan Min (17S31), Park Jiwon (17S43) & Prasad Shubhangam Rajesh (17S64)


Combining academic excellence with outstanding leadership, Tricia, Jiwon and Shubhangam are student councilors the college is very proud of.


Tricia Chin Shan Min (17S31)

As President of the Students’ Council, Tricia led the college with passion and integrity. She fostered a culture of openness in the college and encouraged students to engage in conversations with the student councillors on how to make VJC a home for all. She believed in walking the talk and led by example on numerous occasions. Many will remember her for her selfless acts of service to the college, such as the time when she initiated a clean-up of the college and inspired others to join her. As Head of the Orientation programme for JC1 students, she ensured that everything was meticulously executed. Her ability to keep cool under pressure earned her the respect of her peers. Tricia still found the time to serve in other areas. She was selected to take part in an overseas community service project in Cambodia where she and other students taught English to the children in an orphanage. In acknowledgement of her outstanding attributes, she was awarded the Victoria Junior College Scholarship in 2018.


Park Jiwon (17S43)

As Vice President of the Students’ Council, Jiwon was an outstanding leader. He was instrumental in leading the council to execute several projects for the college. Very much involved in the management of the student-leaders, his excellent administrative and people skills were clearly evident as he inspired them to do their best for VJC. At the same time, he was able to achieve academic excellence while furthering his interests in a number of areas. Despite his busy schedule, he found the time to be involved in an overseas community service project in Cambodia where he helped out at an orphanage. In addition, Jiwon participated in a science research programme organised by the Singapore University of Technology and Design where he investigated the Smith Waterson algorithm used in the development of personalised medicine. He led his team from VJC to victory when they took part in the Electric Vehicle Design Challenge organised by SUTD. Through this, he showed his capacity for leadership and creativity.


Prasad Shubhangam Rajesh (17S64)

Known affectionately as Master Red Shirt, Shubhangam was very prolific in college. As the head of match support in the Students’ Council, he could often be seen at matches with the college colours of maroon and yellow painted on his face, rallying the entire student-body to cheer the athletes on during the National Schools Games. His energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and these qualities were what made him an exceptional leader. As Head of the Orientation programme for JC1 students, he inspired the other student-leaders to do their best. In addition, he was a member of the VJC Cricket Team. He and his teammates put their hearts and souls into the game, training relentlessly. They reaped the rewards of their hard work when their team emerged third at the National Inter-School Cricket Championships. Shubhangam was also part of the team which took part in the Electric Vehicle Design Challenge organised by the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Through a combination of dedication and creativity, his team placed first.


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