Culture of Excellence

Victoria Junior College (VJC) was established in 1984 and quickly became a college of distinction. The College has grown from strength to strength, nurturing Victorians who have made their mark in society, from the arts and sports arenas to the academic, business, and public sectors.

As a Victorian, you can expect to be engaged in learning that develops your talent, character and leadership, and just as importantly, you will forge strong friendships and create memories that will last beyond your school years.

LiVE like a Victorian


Legendary Spirit

Victorians are learners who dare to dream and pursue excellence in different arenas. They seek to leave a positive legacy for others.


Visionary Leadership

Our student-leaders have the foresight and moral courage to do things right and do the right thing. They are purposeful and passionate, and shape a future others would want to live in.


Extraordinary Service

At all times, Victorians serve with their heads, hearts and hands for the good of others. They unleash the potential of those they serve to transform their lives and inspire others to do likewise.

Crest and Anthem Banner

The Victorian Anthem

Victoria in Singapore,
There are other schools we know.
Victoria is something more,
The school that watch’d us grow.
For here we’ve learnt and striven, too,
And played the sportsman’s game.
Victoria, we give to you
The honour that you claim.

Victoria, thy sons are we
And we will not forget.
Victoria, thy triumphs see
And victories we share yet.
For others came before and went
And carried to the world
Victoria’s fame and our intent
To keep her flag unfurled.

Lyrics by: J A Frazer
Music by: W E Meyer

Our Crest


Yellow is the colour of royalty in Asian cultures. In our context today, it takes on the meanings that were once associated with royalty, including DIGNITY, leadership and a concern for the welfare of others.




The open book symbolises the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM acquired through lifelong learning.


The torch symbolises TRUTH and the passing on of a tradition.
It also illuminates the way of Victorians who venture forth to excel beyond Singaporean shores.