VJC 35th Anniversary Happenings!


Alumni Homecoming and Cross Country Run

16th March 2019 | Saturday



Run for a cause! Gather your school mates, friends and family and join us for fun-filled activities like warm-up Zumba, breakfast catch up after the run; while doing your part for your alma mater as all ticket proceeds will go towards supporting school activities and needy students of VS and VJC. This event is jointly organised by the Old Victorians’ Association, Victoria Junior College and supported by the Victoria Advisory Committee.


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UPDATE: Thank you for attending the Back to School Home Run. Here are some pics from the event:


VJC Concert Series

26th April – 30th May 2019






Hear our performing arts groups in all their glory! The annual concert series gets Victorians hearts and feet a-thumping.


Email for tickets




35th Anniversary Gala Dinner @Shangri-La Hotel

20th July 2019 | Saturday | 7pm



Hey Victorians! Come join us for a night of fun, laughter and food at VJC 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner! Reminisce about the past, celebrate the present and catch up with your friends and teachers! Hope to see you there!


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