Admission Criteria


Applicants must be current Secondary 4 or equivalent students in local schools. We are looking for students with outstanding abilities in the following areas:

Area of Talent
Selection Criteria

DSA applicants should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their chosen sport.

Applicants will have to undergo sports trials for selection (please see the individual sports trial details).

For selected sports, selection may be based on student’s achievements or award in the following categories of competition: International / Regional / National inter-school competitions / Represented their country or selected for Singapore Schools.

Performing Arts

DSA applicants should demonstrate passion and strong ability in their niche performing art.

Students will be required to undergo an audition for selection.


Application Procedures


Interested candidates please:

1. Fill in the on-line form (click here)

2. Print out this form, attach your photograph and sign the form.

3. Attach photocopies (no originals please) of the following:

  • Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 (if available) Results
  • Testimonial (if any)
  • CCA Records
  • Any other relevant supporting Documents

4. Send the completed, signed application form together with the supporting documents to:

Victoria Junior College
20 Marine Vista
Singapore 449035
Attn: Direct School Admission

All submitted documents are non-returnable.

5. All DSA applications and supporting documents have to be submitted by 12 July 2019.

6. Results of DSA application will be known by July 2019.

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