Improving Parent-Teacher Partnerships to help our students


At the recent MOE Work Plan Seminar, our Minister of Education reiterated the importance of school-home-community partnerships, in helping us to achieve a student-centric and values-driven education.  To achieve the vision of ‘Every Parent, a Supportive Partner’, parents and teachers have to share the same goal and work together in bringing out the best of our children.

The Partnerships in Education Office (PEO) from the Ministry of Education(MOE) have shared a video entitled “It Takes Two” which VJC would like to share with parents of Victorians.

Video Description:
This video shows a teacher contacting a mother to request for a meeting. During the meeting, the teacher and the mother communicate freely and work together to help the child in his learning. After the parent-teacher meeting, the mother keeps in touch with the teacher so as to better support her child’s learning at home.

Key Messages:
1. Effective two-way communication between the school and parents should be established for the child’s progress.
2. Close partnership between parents and teachers brings out the best in all our children.
3. Parents do their part at home to support their child’s learning, complementing the role of teachers in school

We hope this helps the teachers and parents of VJC to forge closer partnerships, which would bring out the best in our Victorians.

Download the video here : “It Takes Two

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