Higher Education & Career Guidance

Victoria Junior College’s comprehensive higher education, career guidance and scholarships programme is designed to assist Victorians as they explore and refine their education and career goals, so that they are able to plan their future with confidence.

The various components of the programme aim to:

  • provide up-to-date information about the evolving education and career landscape
  • help Victorians identify their interests, skills, values, as well as align these with future education and career options
  • facilitate successful applications to universities and scholarships

One major highlight on the calendar is the college’s annual EdVantage! Fair, which provides Victorians with valuable opportunities to meet industry professionals as well as university officials and students to explore a myriad of higher education, career and scholarship options. An MOE Education and Career Guidance (ECG) counsellor is also on board to provide even more personalised guidance for deeper exploration.

Higher Education

Higher Education

The Higher Education programme exposes Victorians to a wide array of local and overseas education options. Institutes of higher learning visit VJC to interact with Victorians, and to update them about important changes in the tertiary education scene. For instance, students and parents can look forward to the University Panel Discussion at the end of the first academic year and interact with Victorian alumni currently studying at the universities.

VJC also hosts talks by admissions tutors from overseas universities throughout the year. Representatives from universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and others from the region visit regularly. These sessions are valuable platforms for students to consult experts about opportunities and experiences available at different institutes of higher learning

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The Career Guidance Programme provides numerous platforms for all Victorians to explore career pathways in various industries, such as:

  • classroom lessons
  • personal guidance by civics tutors or the Education and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • career talks by industry professionals
  • industry visits
  • work experience and internships

The programme achieves its objectives largely due to the college’s successful partnership with alumni, parents and industries.



VJC offers many opportunities for students aspiring to receive scholarships either for their pre-university or undergraduate studies. The college provides guidance for those keen on exploring various scholarship options. Advice and mentoring are offered to those who seek to achieve their desired scholarships. 

VJC is a centre for the Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) and the Regional Studies Programme (RSP). Students in these programmes receive scholarships from the Ministry of Education (MOE).   In addition, Victorians have also obtained other junior college scholarships or book prizes, such as those awarded by VJC, as well as by other organisations. Every year, almost one in five Victorians receive an undergraduate scholarship to study in prestigious universities, both locally and overseas.  These scholarships are awarded by the Public Service Commission, government ministries, statutory boards, private industry players as well as universities.

Project Edvantage!

Project Edvantage-2

VJC’s Project EdVantage is a mentoring programme designed for students aspiring for competitive university places or scholarships. Under this programme, students are assigned a teacher mentor, who works closely with them to understand their education and career plans, and prepare them for scholarship applications and university admissions. Workshops are conducted to equip students with the skills to write application essays and to handle interviews.  Students on this programme can also tap on our network of alumni for valuable support in the form of industry expertise or general advice.