Students who have a strong interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) can look forward to various opportunities and programmes available under the VSMART Framework to develop their passion. The VSMART framework allows interested students to participate in Mathematics and Science Olympiads and be part of ground-breaking research in collaboration with A*STAR and tertiary institutions. We also provide opportunities for students to take part in events organised by the various research institutions and organisations throughout the year to enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the applications of STEM.

VSMART seeks to harness the talents of students in Science and Mathematics to enable them to create an impact on society. Through this framework, we hope to spark our students’ love for STEM and develop their passion into possible careers in the future.

VSMART comprises the following:

NUS A*STAR-VJC (NAV) Science Research (H3)

In a special collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and A*STAR, VJC offers the H3 NUS-A*STAR-VJC (NAV) Science Research programme. Students in this unique programme can look forward to an individual Investigative Study in Physics, Chemistry or Biology under the guidance of VJC teachers and the mentorship of research practitioners from NUS and research institutes at A*STAR. This robust programme provides ample opportunities to deepen learning and engage in the intricacies of scientific research that takes place in universities and industry.

Science Research

Beyond the examinable H3 NUS-A*STAR-VJC (H3-NAV) track, the college offers a comprehensive non-examinable science research programme: the Young Scientists Development (YSD) track.

Young Scientists Development Track

VJC has a strong research culture among the science teachers and students and has continuously supported the various research programmes of the Ministry of Education (e.g. Local and Overseas Student Attachment Programmes) and other research initiatives of the local tertiary institutions.

The college has established strong ties with local tertiary institutions (e.g. NUS, NTU and SUTD) and A*STAR Research Institutes, allowing students to embark on scientific works that will be mentored by eminent scientists of the various fields. These works will usually be submitted to the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) and many other science fairs at national and international level.


At VJC, we constantly seek learning opportunities for students to pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students can sign up for a variety of STEM-related activities including competitions and events offered by MOE, statutory boards and institutions of higher learning.  We strongly believe that participation in such activities would be helpful in broadening the knowledge of students in STEM and allow them to learn new skills.

The enrichment activities include:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Informatics Olympiads
  • Science & Mathematics competitions such as International Biomedical Quiz, Graphic calculator design competition, Australian Mathematics competition
  • Science conventions such as International Science Youth Forum
  • Science Centre events such as Singapore Science Festival
  • Learning journeys such as visits to NUS Physics demonstration lab, local food and agriculture industries
  • Science camps such as STEP-NUS Sunburst BrainCamp
  • Science shows & talks by scientists


As the East Zone Centre of Excellence in Science & Technology, VJC organises workshops, seminars and competitions for primary, secondary and pre-university students, attracting more than 1100 participants yearly from 50 schools nationwide.

These sessions not only provide enrichment opportunities for the participating schools, they are also a platform for Victorians to plan, lead and run activities for other students, thus spreading their passion and interest in science and technology.

This year the centre once again is organising the annual STEM Festival@VJC to encourage students from schools to be actively engaged in the learning and applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through a series of activities and events. This is part of the Centre’s efforts to inspire and foster greater interest amongst participants in STEM and our participants can develop a better appreciation of the connections and impact of STEM on their life, environment and society.

The centre is proud to partner with various organisations (DSTA-DSO, A*STAR and SUTD) and present the following STEM-related competitions for the schools to participate.

All the competitions will take place virtually.

Click on the following links for details and registration:

  1. East Zone A*STAR Science Fair
  1. East Zone DSTA-DSO Robotics Challenge
  1. East Zone 3D Modelling Competition (for east zone schools only)
  1. East Zone Amazing Science Race (for east zone schools only)

STEM-based CCA Programmes

VJC offers several STEM-based clubs and societies as part of its co-curricular (CCA) offerings. These CCAs provide a diverse set of learning, collaboration, competition and enrichment activities, with the aim of promoting wider appreciation and critical awareness of innovative, exploratory and impactful science and technology. These CCAs are:

  • Astronomy Club
  • Earth Watch
  • Mathematics Society
  • Medical Society
  • Robotics and Makers Club
  • Science Society