Parent-College Partnership

It takes a community to educate a child. In VJC, we recognize the importance of partnering parents and the community to create a holistic learning environment for our students. We believe that working with parents is one of the best ways to support learning and provide the best educational experience for our students.

Our students succeed when parents and school work hand in hand. It is through dedicated partnership with parents that we can create a place where our students can achieve their potential and lead a fulfilling life. We are blessed in VJC to have a wonderfully supportive Parent Support Group who work closely with the school to provide a holistic nurturing environment for our students. Join us on this meaningful journey now!

Parent Support Group Activities

1 Organise monthly ExCo meeting as a platform for sharing & gathering feedback to improve College programmes and events
2 Set up booth at college events to share experience with other parents 
3 Play the role of health promotion ambassadors at healthy lifestyle week 
4 Organise parenting workshops to help parents understand their child better 
5 Participate in college events to feel the Victorian spirit and understand the college and child better 
6 Provide job experience opportunities for students (law firms, education, service and health industries) 
7 Provide emotional support for graduating students by inspiring them with motivation packs and words of encouragement 
8 Sponsor fruits and healthy drinks for graduating students 
9 Organise chocolates sale on Mothers’ Day to raise funds for needy students 
10 Raise funds for students  to support them in various College activities