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Pre-requisite subjects / Remarks

Knowledge skills

General Paper * Not contrasting subject; compulsory
Project Work * Not contrasting subject; compulsory


Mother Tongue Language (Chinese, Malay, Tamil) * Need not offer if student obtained grade D7 or better in ‘O’ level HMTL; not a contrasting subject
Tamil Language & Literature * H2 is a contrasting subject for Science
French * * ‘O’ level French / German / Japanese; Taught at MOELC; H1 is not a contrasting subject but H2 is a contrasting subject for Science
German * *
Japanese * *

Sciences & Mathematics

Biology * * ‘O’ level Biology or Combined Science with Biology or IP Yr 3 & 4 Biology
Chemistry * * ‘O’ level Chemistry or Combined Science with Chemistry or IP Yr 3 & 4 Chemistry
Physics * * ‘O’ level Physics or Combined Science with Physics or IP Yr 3 & 4 Physics
Mathematics * * ‘O’ level Mathematics is required for H1 Mathematics;  ‘O’ level Additional Mathematics is required for H2 Mathematics
Further Mathematics * ‘O’ level Additional Mathematics. To be taken with H2 Mathematics.

Humanities & the Arts

Art *
Economics * *
Geography *
History *
English Literature * *
Theatre Studies & Drama *
China Studies in  English *



H1 | Half of H2 in terms of curriculum time.

H2 | Equivalent to ‘A’ level subjects prior to 2006.

H3 | Subjects with diverse learning opportunities for in-depth study (e.g. advanced content, research paper, university module). You must offer the corresponding subject at H2 level.

(Minimum combination: 3H2 + 1H1 + GP + PW + MTL)



in Arts

Literature History Literature History Art, CSE, Economics, TSD, TLL^ Mathematics
Literature Geography Art, CSE, Economics, TSD, TLL^
Literature Economics Art, TSD, CSE, TLL^
History Economics Art, TSD, CSE, TLL^
Geography Economics Art, TSD, CSE, TLL^


Mathematics Chemistry Physics Economics, Literature, History; Geography, Art, TSD, CSE, TLL ^
Mathematics Chemistry Biology Economics, Literature, History; Geography, Art, TLL, TSD, CSE ^
Mathematics Economics Physics Literature, History; Geography, Art, TSD, CSE, TLL ^
Mathematics Economics Chemistry Literature, History; Geography, Art, TSD, CSE, TLL ^
Mathematics Economics Biology History, Geography^
Mathematics Further Mathematics Physics Economics

Shaded (yellow): Contrasting subject

TSD: Theatre Studies & Drama

CSE: Chinese Studies in English

TLL: Tamil Language & Literature

Explanatory notes

  1. ^ Choose 1 subject from the list.
  2. Students must offer a minimum of 3H2 + 1H1 + GP + MTL + PW with at least one contrasting subject.
  3. Maximum number of academic units allowed is 12.

Subject Level




No. of academic units per subject 1 2 1
  1. Subject combinations not listed in the above table will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of 10 students is needed.
  2. Further Mathematics, History, Geography, Tamil Language and Literature (TLL), Theatre Studies and Drama (TSD) and Art are offered at H2 level only.
  3. Lessons for H3 subjects begin in JC2 except H3 Science Research which will be taught in JC1.

H3 subjects are meant to allow exceptionally strong students to pursue a subject or area in which they have the interest and aptitude. Besides passion for a particular subject, students must have the time to manage a workload beyond the norm subject combination as H3 subjects have separate syllabuses that take students beyond the H2 syllabus.

Students can apply for H3 subject offered by either CIE, SMU, NUS, NTU or NAV. The maximum number of H3 subjects allowed is 2. The total number of Academic Units offered by students cannot exceed 12.

Grading System

  • Distinction
  • Merit
  • Pass
  • Ungraded
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