Joint Admission Exercise



Joint Admission Exercise

The Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) to junior colleges is conducted by the Ministry of Education. Secondary 4 students will receive an instruction booklet from their secondary schools, with detailed instructions on how to apply. They can apply through the internet or personally at any junior college during the stipulated registration period.
FAQ on admission to VJC

1. How do I seek admission to VJC?

The admission of graduating secondary students to junior colleges is conducted by the Ministry of Education. After receiving an instruction booklet from their secondary schools, students can apply for either Science or Arts courses through the internet or personally at any junior college during the stipulated registration period. Students can indicate up to 12 junior colleges on the application form in order of their preference.Please avoid registering at the last minute as there may be an internet traffic jam.


2. In recent years, what have VJC’s partial cut-off points been?

Past partial cut-off points for L1R5 aggregate after deduction of bonus points for Joint Admission Exercise are shown in the table below. As posting of students is subject to availability of vacancies, not all students who have applied to VJC with L1R5 aggregate as listed in the table are posted here. .

Year Arts Science
2013 6 5
2014 6 5
2015 6 5
2016 6 5
2017 7 5

3. How are bonus points computed?

  1. Students from Victoria School will be given 2 bonus points only if they choose VJC as their FIRST choice and are posted to VJC.
  2. Students with A1 to C6 in both their first languages (English and Higher Mother Tongue) enjoy 2 bonus points for all their choices.
  3. Students who obtained an ‘A’ grade in CCA can enjoy 2 bonus points for all their choices. Those who obtained a ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade are given 1 bonus point for all their choices.
  4. Students can enjoy up to a maxium of 4 bonus points.


4. If I cannot meet the cut-off for Science, can I apply to Arts and later appeal to Science?

Students posted to Arts cannot be transferred to Science at VJC even if they meet the cut-off point for Science..


5. What are the available subject combinations?

The subject combinations offered at VJC can be viewed here.


6. When do I select the subject combination I wish to offer at VJC?

Selection of subject combinations is done on the first day of school. Students will be briefed on the various subjects, and given a form to complete. They will be allowed to make 2 choices. Generally, students will be given their first choice if they satisfy the prerequisites of the subjects they wish to offer.


7. Can I offer a subject at VJC if I did not take the relevant subject at O-level?

We generally urge students to choose a subject combination based on the relevant subjects they have taken at O-level, as this means that it’ll be easier for them to do well for their A-level course.

    • Humanities, Art, TSD and Economics There are usually no restrictions upon students who want to offer Humanities, Art, TSD and Economics but students need to have a strong interest in these subjects if they intend to excel.


    • Mathematics Mathematics is offered in all subject combinations at VJC. Under the revised curriculum, Additional Mathematics at O-level is a pre-requisite for A-level Mathematics at H2 level but not for A-level Mathematics at the H1 level.


    • Physics, Chemistry and Biology Students who wish to offer A-level Physics, Chemistry or Biology must have studied the same subject at O-level either as a Pure or a Combined Science subject. The O-level syllabi would lay the foundation for students to pursue the subject further at A-level. Topics taught at O-level will be dealt with in greater depth at A-level.


8. Can I be exempted from Mother Tongue at VJC?

Students who do not take Higher Mother Tongue at O-levels must do H1 MTL.
Students who have obtained at least a D7 in the O-level Higher Mother Tongue exam would have met the minimum requirement for University Admission.
However, students who wish to improve their MTL grade can continue to do H1 MTL and sit for the exam at the end of JC1.


9. What is the cutoff for admission to VJC?

Victoria Junior College does not determine the cut-off point. We can only provide data about the cut-off point from previous years but this varies from year to year (see #2 above). Posting is done by MOE based on merit and not by order of choice. This means that a student with a better L1R5, say 6, who indicates XJC as his second choice will be posted to XJC (if there is no vacancy for him/her in his/her first choice) rather than someone with a worse L1R5, say 7, but who indicates XJC as his/her first choice


10. Can I do a science subject in the Arts Faculty?

Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) are not offered in the Arts Faculty. Please apply for admission to the Science Faculty if you intend to pursue a Science subject.


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