VJC News


28 November 2020

We celebrate the founding of VJC and recognise the achievements of students and staff every year with our annual College Day. This year, a very special edition of our 36th College Day was held virtually on our Facebook live on the 28th of November 2020 was indeed an unprecedented year but despite the challenges, there was much to celebrate here in VJC.


25 November 2020

On the 25th of November, our J1s ended their academic year and were delightfully lost in the fun of Victorian Affair consisting of a series of activities: Community Affair aimed to give hope to others beyond the Victorian family, dreaming of a better future for all. Bonding Affair demonstrated that every Victorian has an integral role in uniting against unexpected challenges. Lasting Affair, the ‘Concert Under the Stars’, created beautiful memories for Victorians to hold on to like a dream in the years to come. 2020 has been an unusual year to say the least and this day was a reminder of our strength and unity as one Victorian family. Let’s continue to work hard, play hard and dream big together in 2021!


09 October 2020

It was a bittersweet affair on the 9th of October as we bade our JC2s farewell. Unlike other years, the farewell assembly was conducted in home rooms. Despite the SMM in place, Victorians were kept entertained by videos submitted by the teachers and were even treated to a special performance by our talented alumni, ShiLi & Adi 🎤🎹 This may be the end of the college journey for our JC2s but VJC will always be home! Remember we are distanced but not distant, do come back to visit anytime!

To the graduating cohort, thank you for the memories and all the best for your A levels! See you again real soon.


27 August 2020

While covid-19 may have meant VJC’s Teachers’ Day celebrations had to be carried online, teachers were left feeling no less encouraged and celebrated. Celebrations kicked off on 27 August morning with a classroom programme hosted by student emcees. Highlights of the programme included heartwarming performances by students, as well as a tongue-in-cheek video featuring different profiles of teachers put together by new teachers that had joined VJC in 2020, an internal teachers’ only celebration planned by the Staff Welfare Committee and a specially catered lunch for teachers the following week on 3 September prepared by our very own Parent Support Group (PSG). While covid-19 may have changed the way in which school celebrations are run, it certainly hasn’t taken away the good cheer and positivity that remain a fixture in schools as places of hope and promise.

A Level Results Release: Class of 2018

21 February 2020

On Fri 21 Feb 2020, the Cohort of 2018 returned to College to receive their A-Level results. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, results release took place in the classrooms this time. Different as that was, the excitement of being back in College and meeting their peers was no less palpable. The results were also outstanding. The cohort attained a Median University Score (UAS) of 85, with 170 students achieving at least 6 distinctions, and 91 students achieving the highest possible UAS of 90. We congratulate all Victorians on their excellent achievements. Nil Sine Labore!


14 January 2020

The Victoria Effect was held on 14 January. Decked out in our finest gear, Victorians welcomed close to 1,500 visitors. Our student ambassadors, known affectionately as the FACEs of VJC, brought O-Level graduates and their parents around our campus home, showing them the different facets of Victorian life and giving them a glimpse of the Victorian Effect. Visitors enquired about academic and non-academic programmes on offer, were enthralled by performances by our Victorian talent and basked in the vibrancy of Victorian culture. VJ Boleh!


01 December 2019

Our campus is getting a facelift as we upgrade our facilities to create a conducive environment for learning. Look forward to more collaborative spaces in the library, brighter lecture theatres and a spruced up sports gallery!


11 October 2019

On 11 October 2019, we held a Farewell Assembly for our J2s as the college gathered to celebrate their achievements, appreciate their contributions to the college and wished them all the best for their A level examinations.


30 August 2019

The following students have performed well for the JC/Poly/ITE/CI finals at the 33rd YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) concluded this afternoon: Cheryl Susan Varghese (19S33) has placed 2nd runner up, and Krishnakumar Varsha (19S54) was announced as the Champion for this year’s competition! Good job!


16 August 2019

We are delighted to announce that Siow Mein Yeak, Yue, from the class of 17S44, has been awarded the President’s Scholarship, by the Public Service Commission. This scholarship is the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship awarded to students with a strong ethos for Public Service, sound character, and a steadfast dedication to improving the lives of Singaporeans.