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    our leaders
  • Welcome to VJC!

    Welcome to VJC!

    Hear from our Principal and Student Leaders!

  • Science@VJC


    Inquire and Experiment! Hear from our Science Head about our academic and research programmes which would enable you to drive future advancements in STEM.

  • Arts@VJC


    Provoke and Challenge! Hear from our Arts Head about the plethora of opportunities to develop your creative and cultural interests through our Arts academic programmes.

  • CCAs@VJC


    Work Hard, Play Hard! Hear from our Year Head about how our range of 50 CCAs brings out the legendary spirit in Victorians!



    Venture and Trailblaze! Hear from our Career Guidance Head about how VJC sets you up for success to access prestigious scholarships and world class universities in pursuit of your dream career!

  • Lead and Serve@VJC

    Lead and Serve@VJC

    Aspire and Inspire! Hear from our Student Development Head about how you can create an impact through visionary leadership and extraordinary service in VJC and beyond.

  • What's your type

    What’s your Type #Co-Curricular Choices@VJC

    Find your match! Immerse yourself in the myriad of new worlds that our CCAs have to offer! You might just find the CCA that suits you best.

  • Lives in Parallel

    Lives in Parallel: Learning & Support in VJC

    Explore dual perspectives! See how our students venture through their academic journey with the unconditional support of their teachers.

  • VJC in the eyes of Vijay

    VJC in the eyes of Vijay

    Step into VJ with Vijay! Follow Vijay and Brandon as they take you through a Victorian’s life on campus.

  • The
    Victorian Experience


Webinar 1: Introducing you to VJC (with live Q&A),
12 Jan, 1 pm
Meet our Principal and student leaders to find out more about our signature programmes and the diverse opportunities we offer students at VJC!
Webinar 2: Mapping your VJC journey (with live Q&A),
12 Jan, 2pm
Meet our academic and co-curricular heads to find out how you can chart your own unique path via Victoria!
Webinar 3: Mapping your VJC journey (with live Q&A),
13 Jan, 1pm
Meet our academic and co-curricular heads to find out how you can chart your own unique path via Victoria!
Webinar 4: Faces of VJC!,
13 Jan, 2pm
Meet our students to gain firsthand insights into life in VJC!

No pre-registration is required for our Webinars. Please key in the passcode 679788 to access the Webinar.

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