School Awards

The high quality of education Victoria Junior College (VJC) provides its students, that has stayed responsive to changing times since the college first began in 1984, has been made possible by its commitment to excellence as an organisation. The equal attention she has paid to people, programmes and processes has allowed her to deliver good student outcomes. These achievements of the school as an organisation have been affirmed through her attainment of the Singapore Quality Class and key awards recognising school excellence. 

Singapore Quality Class

The Singapore Quality Class is awarded by Enterprise Singapore to certify that an organisation has achieved a Business Excellence Standard.

School Distinction Award-2

The School Distinction Award is conferred by Singapore's Ministry of Education to recognise a school as being high-achieving, with exemplary school processes and practices.

School Excellence Award-2

The School Excellence Award is given by Singapore's Ministry of Education to recognise a school for its excellence in both education processes and outcomes.